What does it mean to work with me?​

(These are geared towards organizations, nonprofits, and businesses. If you're an individual, you might want to check out 5MSC's coaching packages.)

Strategy Session:


This package helps your organization create a real communications strategy. It includes a report on the best tools, tactics, and trainings for your capacity,  a goal setting template designed specifically for your organization's goals, and follow up and trainings to make sure these goals, you know... actually work.


What does this look like?  An hour consultation with the right people in the organization, an assessment of capacity across the organization, training and follow up.


Campaign/Project Support:


Support with a specific campaign's narrative shift and absorption tactics -- training members and staff on media strategy, pitching, writing and designing new media, and more.


What does this look like?   Building+troubleshooting a member fundraising pipeline, writing+ pitching your upcoming press conference (with speaker support and evaluation), creating graphics and content for an upcoming campaign, and more.


Retainer Support

Sometimes it's easier for an organizing group to work with me on a monthly basis, setting goals for a few agreed upon projects and supplementing them with set hours of support. This works well for specific projects (an event or a project like an annual report), or website/social media/design.


What does this look like?  Recurring support on a few different projects, from a quarterly update on press coverage/social media to a quality membership newsletter that gets donations. 



I offer training for staff, volunteers, and campaign/coalition members on specific communications tactics (using social media, doing a press conference), overall communications strategy), and follow up coaching and support.

What does this look like?  A good overview of my trainings are available here

Want to work together? Let me know.