Build Your Own Communications Plan Workshop

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  • An hour training on setting realistic digital communications goals, including self guided campaign planning tools. \

  • Given to 90+ in the Radical Communicators Network.

  • How and why to use earned media and digital organizing to further narrative shift goals.

  • Slides here.


  • What is Snapchat? Using Geofilters, key terms, and the anatomy of an effective Snapchat account.

  • The history of Snapchat, and its growing 25+ audience.

  • Why and how to use Snapchat in organizing.

  • Examples of effective Snapchat campaigns and key takeaways for including Snapchat in your next campaign.

  • Created for Social Movement Technologies.

  • Watch Here



  • A primer on facilitating Center for Story Based Strategy processes to create a campaign frame and talking points.

  • Used examples from ONE Northside's police accountability, mental health justice, and rent control campaigns. 

  • Produced in September 2018 for the Radical Communicators Network, 10 participants. 

  • Contact H for rates. 


Digital Security Series:


  • Approaches to building strong digital security and the landscape of digital security for organizing as a whole.

  • Putting together a digital security process for your group that is actionable and accessible.

  • Immediate and practical ways to protect your organization and yourself. 

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  • Created for Social Movement Technologies​


Previous Workshops:

Description: The people doing the most to make a campaign, project, or business happen are the ones who are best at telling the story of that project. In this 2 hour workshop, we’ll go over some marketing fundamentals, then set clear communications goals and help you create a plan to meet those goals. That plan is tailored to fit your business, and emphasizes getting the right information to the right people (including volunteers, staff, customers). 


What You’ll Get:

  • A worksheets and other templates to help you create a communications plan based on the strengths of your business and the work you’re already doing everyday.

  • A roadmap for integrating your marketing goals into your business plan, with specific feedback on how to make that roadmap even stronger.

  • 1 free month of access to ‘Notes on Feednet,’ a DIY communications roundup and library of templates, tools, and tactics. 



This Training is Designed For: Anyone doing a lot with very little (time, energy, and resources). Groups with a clear vision for their strategy, who aren’t sure how to integrate marketing into that vision. Groups with 1 or fewer full time marketing or communications staff.