Civics 101: What Does an Alderman Do?

(For ONE Northside)

Did you miss our Civics 101 Training last week? Look out for material to help explain how City Council works all week on our social media.

First up: what do alderman do?

The more we understand how city council works, the more power we have to change our city.

They have final say over new developments in the ward.

2. They get menu money, $1 million for infrastructure like potholes, roads, etc.

3. They introduce and vote on ordinances (city laws)

4. They provide community support for projects like murals, support in negotiating with state and national elected officials, and more.

This explainer is a new project from ONE Northside: based on conversations with community members and issue experts (who are, often as not, the same people), the hope is that the more we all know about city and state policy, the easier it is for everyday people to make change.

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