30 Days of Explainers: Results from September

I spent a month working on iteration, testing new mediums, and playing with video, audio, and social media formats -- I did this by creating 30 explainers in 30 days.

Table of Contents:

Ham Radio

Lori Lightfoot's First Budget Address

Famous Con Artists

Real Estate Transfer Tax

Digital Security

Circular Economy

Ada Lovelace <- Lord Byron Connection

Fines and Fees Ordinance

Funeral Home Consumer Protections - Know Your Rights

What is the CCLBA (1,2,3)

History of 911

Implementation of Trans Inclusive School District Policy


Astro City Star Chart -- Maurice Cox (Head of Housing Department)

The first bodybuilder

What is Deep Work?

What is narrative shift?

What are absorption goals?

How can you use Story Based Strategy to build a message?

The Redirect Method

Astro City Star Chart -- New Committee Heads

Here were the rules:

1. There’s no length, topic, or medium requirement, just a time cap of 4 hours. I will cover Chicago politics, technology policy, fitness/technology history, emergency management, housing, and narrative structure bc I have notes on these saved in a giant Google Doc called “COOL STUFF”.

2. I have to use at least 5 new mediums over the next month (audio, video of self recorded, animation video style, TikTok??? Jk I won’t use TikTok).

3. Any ideas for a explainer have a waiting period of 24 hours before implementation (ie, if I come up with a new topic I want to do, I can’t then immediately start working on it and blow off my other commitments/projects… my current state of being).

4. If you want to do this too, let me know! I’m going to use the hashtag #30daysexplainer so I can keep track as I go.

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