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2 years ago I was working with tenants organizing their building,  preparing for a press conference. 

In hour 4 of prepping for that press conference, and in hour 4 of every other press conference I've ever worked on in the last 6 years, I couldn't help but stop our prep to yell. 

Individual support.

I do. I hate them. Whenever I have tried to use them, it becomes very clear: 

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That's because they have a very different target audience in mind.


Most people know this intuitively -- the entire world of PR started (regardless of transformations) when things had gone wrong for corporate interests. But here's the thing:


Telling your story on your own terms -- claiming the power that you have over your own narrative -- shouldn't be something that only corporations and Kellyanne Conway get to do. But resources, time, and our crisis culture make it hard for anyone else to get the practice that makes it easier to tell your story, no matter who you're talking to.


Most PR trainings done right before an interview give the interviewee feedback that they can't  implemented in the amount of time they have until the interview. But the general principles behind most storytelling trainings are sound: they just require consistent practice, and consistent feedback in order to get comfortable with them. In that way, public speaking is a lot like anything else. I'll try not to segue-way too much, but expert Barbara Oakley tells us how:


And when we see these rules, it's pretty clear that public speaking can be learned, just like anything else. Especially because, when you think about it, we get some of that consistent practice everyday:


So if we go back to all my yelling 2 years ago, getting ready for that press conference, this is where I was stuck. I really believe that anyone can get better at public speaking, and that these Barbara Oakley approved traits are the key. To me, building this skill is an act of empowerment for people who are used to being ignored. But there was one problem:


This is how 5 Minute Speech Coach was born. 


There are 3 main ways to build your skills --  click one to learn more. 

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