About H's Work:  

I write about stories, work, and the future.

Notes on Feednet is a weekly newsletter about feelings, stories as mental models, and “Work” (whatever that is). Here's an example. 

FWD: Soapbox is how I support organizing groups, small businesses, and artists in building stronger email programs  that helps them meet their supporters where they're at.

Working 2050 is a speculative oral history about workers of the future, in podcast form. We ask people about what they do all day and how they feel about it, then we write science fiction based on what they say. It’s about imagining hopeful futures together.

How the Fuck Does This Make Money?
is an exploration of making money in the post pandemic gig economy, with special attention to what is sometimes called the Passion Economy.

Workshops and Trainings include my science fiction journaling workshop, a guided exercise using grounding tools, writing prompts, and sci-fi,.

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H Kapp-Klote Communications Strategy Training
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